Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hoppy Early Easter!!!

I hope everyone has had a great week!  We have over here!  We're all healthy and 2 of the 3 molars are all the way in!  Milo likes to wear the bunny ears and I can't resist taking his picture in them, how many more years will he let me!?!?  He even puts them on our heads.  
Milo willingly wearing his slippers!  He was dancing in them.  I was just able to take a picture and then he wanted them off.  We've had them for months and he's only wanted them on a handful of times.  I'm pretty sure this was the last time he'll wear them.  

Milo eats a variety of things for breakfast and given the opportunity, he'll eat 2 eggs as "egg soup" as my mom calls it (soft boiled eggs), along with yogurt/applesauce/baby cereal and possibly a sandwich.  Right after I took this picture he dumped them on his tray and refused to eat anymore of them!  

I'm pretty sure Milo might become a chef because he is always going into the kitchen to get utensils and "cooking" for us.  He even pretends to eat it and feeds it to us!  It's so cute.  He loves to help cook, too.  He even realizes when people are cooking on tv and in books, and tells us they're mixing something!

We're heading to Cleveland for Passover on Thursday then to Fort Wayne for the weekend.  

Happy Passover and Easter to everyone!  I hope the Easter bunny brings some good stuff!

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